Maritime Industries Panel

Conference Center of Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98

Room C

Leader of the Panel

Jerzy Czuczman
Director / Secretary General, Association of Polish Maritime Industries Forum Okrętowe


Jerzy Czuczman, participant, speaker and moderator at numerous editions of the International Economic Forum in Gdynia, discussing maritime economy and maritime industries.

The Association of Polish Maritime Industries FORUM OKRĘTOWE is the only industry organisation in Poland that integrates companies operating in the maritime industry and widely interpreted ship-building industry. Apart from production shipyards and repair yards, members of FORUM OKRĘTOWE include system and service providers, cooperators and ship equipment manufacturers as well as other companies and institutions which are active in the industry, among them: universities, research and development centres, design companies, classification societies, banks and legal offices. Companies associated within the structures of the Association of Polish Maritime Industries FORUM OKRĘTOWE represent a high professional level. They provide an enormous intellectual potential, employ in total approximately 10,000 employees based on contracts of employment, and generate sales at the level of 7 billion Polish zlotys. The Association's statutory task is to promote, protect and represent the interests of associated members in organisations co-determining economic, political and social conditions of the maritime industry operation.

FORUM OKRĘTOWE is a member of the European SEA Europe – Ships & Maritime Equipment Association, and a member of the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan (PKPP Lewiatan).More information

The Society of Polish Naval Architects and Marine Engineers KORAB acts within the framework of the Association of Polish Engineers and Mechanical Technicians (SIMP) as its branch division, a social organisational unit of a scientific and technical nature, carrying out activities in the area of widely interpreted maritime economy, with particular attention paid to the problems of the ship-building industry. More information on

The Society of Polish Naval Architects and Marine Engineers KORAB is the member of  Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies  (CEMT) and cooperates with the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) from Great Britain.



The ship-building industry is the only industry in Poland that mass-produces such complicated products as ships and vessels, starting from the design, technology selection and delivery of a full range of components, to commissioning to the client of a fully equipped, ready to operate vessel. The ship-building industry once more begins to be a matter of huge public interest and is one of the areas that can significantly influence the country’s economic development. Information about governmental programs concerning the ship-building industry appear regularly in the media, and an act commonly referred to as the “ship-building act”, which aims to boost the ship-building industry and complementary industries, has been in force since the beginning of this year. The ship-building industry is also covered by the Responsible Development Strategy.

During this year’s Gdynia Maritime Economy Forum, we will enter a discussion concerning two highly important issues related to Maritime Industries. The first one is related to the development of the ship-building industry within the aspect of Responsible Development Strategy, and Mr Marek Gróbarczyk, Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways, will engage in a panel discussion in this scope. The second issue mentioned in the discussion will be the innovativeness of Polish ship-building industry with an aim to increase its competitiveness on global markets. Prof. dr hab. Inż. Aleksander Michał Nawrat from the National Centre of Research and Development was asked to deliver introduction to the topic.



Jerzy Czuczman - Director / Secretary General, Association of Polish Maritime Industries Forum Okrętowe


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